Houston au pairs receive a history lesson at the Museum of Natural Science

28 November 2013

Learning something new and making new friends is an outcome that epitomizes the concept of cultural exchange.

To create such a learning experience and facilitate a true sense of community, AuPairCare brought together its au pairs, their host families and local area staff at the Houston Museum of Natural Science this month to celebrate AuPairCare’s annual International Host Family Day.

At the 100 year old museum, au pairs were able to tour numerous exhibits with their host children including the Gem Vault, Energy Hall, Earth Forum and Texas Wildlife area. After exploring the museum, host families and au pairs gathered in a classroom to talk about the benefits of cultural exchange. Au pairs had the opportunity to share where they were from and tell a little bit about their home countries, which allowed not only the au pairs to learn about a new culture but the host families as well!

Finally, everyone enjoyed children’s activities such as a coloring sheet of featured museum items, creating a fossil with clay, making a personalized magnifying glass and pointing out various countries on a blow up globe.

Source: The Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange