Trump Administration considering cuts to J1 Cultural Exchange programs including Au Pair

30 August 2017
30 Aug 2017 -

The Washington Post as well as other sources reported that under Donald Trump´s Executive Order “Buy American, Hire American” several J1 programs including au pair will be under review and possibly changed, reduced or even eliminated.

Read the full article in the Washington Post

IAPA strongly opposes potential plans that may threaten the au pair program to the US which has been existing for more than 30 years supporting one-on-one diplomacy and mutual understanding between countries.

Together with the American Sponsors, the Alliance for International Exchange, the WYSE Travel Confederation  IAPA will of course do everything we can to convince the US government of the importance of the J1 programs.

We will  inform members shortly about how agencies, participants and host families can take action to help fighting for this wonderful cultural exchange program.

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