U.S. Senate appropriations committee supports J1-exchange visitor programs

11 September 2017
11 Sep 2017 -


After the worrying news we received from the U.S. beginning of September (see previous posts)  regarding possible plans to abandon some  of the J1- Visitor Programs – including au pair-  we are pleased to announce that last Thursday the Senate Appropriations Committee has clearly stated in an amendment that funds allocated to the J1 Exchange  Visitor Programs have to be spent on these programs and that there can be no changes to the programs without a formal public procedure.

A first big and positive step in the right direction. IAPA will keep on fighting to save these programs along with The Alliance for International Exchange, WYSE Travel Confederations, our U.S. members and everyone who is involved  in and loves the au pair as well as other J1  programs to the U.S.

Cultural Exchange matters!

Read the full article from the Alliance for International Exchange with the wording from the Committee here.