Networking opportunities are one of the main benefits of joining our association.

Throughout the year, we organise and participate in live and online events, targeted to provide both members and non-members with business, learning and networking opportunities in the field of au pair and cultural exchange programmes.




Our annual live business-2-business event – the Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference (WETM-IAC) – brings together sending and receiving organisations serving all aspects of cultural exchange, work experience and au pairing, industry experts and leaders, to build new business connections, strengthen existing partnerships and to discuss current topics.

During our event we organise a range of industry specific seminars focussing on current trends, developments and opportunities; addressing relevant problems, discussing challenges and offering valuable suggestions for the au pair industry. Hear from experts and leaders, discuss with fellow industry colleagues and learn, all while attending relevant business events.

All presenters are carefully selected and come either come from within our industry, or are representing organisations providing relevant input and content to our industry.

Learn more on our activities at WETM-IAC and what makes this your must-attend industry event!



Au Pair of the Year Award

The Au Pair of the Year Award was established by IAPA to provide au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve. At the same time the Au Pair of the Year Award enhances the public’s awareness of this cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it.

Our Award provides a great opportunity for our members to showcase their organisation and promote the quality of their au pair programme all over the world.
Each year we call on our members to request their host families to nominate their extraordinary, exceptional au pair who deserves to win this Award.

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IAPA Workshops Worldwide

Each year we also organise local workshops and get togethers on a national level.

The purpose of our local meetings is to learn more about the local regulations surrounding the au pair programme, and to provide support where required.

Learn more about our local workshops worldwide