Goran Rannefors – Cultural Care Au Pair (EF)



Goran Rannefors
Cultural Care Au Pair


Goran joined Cultural Care Au Pair as President in 1999 and is responsible for all functions within Cultural Care Au Pair. His main focus is to oversea operations, government relations and new market development.
He first joined EF Education in 1993, as President of EF High School Year, where he was responsible for recruiting high school students from around the world and securing volunteer host families and schools for the students.
Goran then moved to Shanghai to work with EF English First and open the company’s first English schools in China. Originally from Sweden, Goran holds a degree from the Stockholm School of Economics in International Marketing. Before his career at Cultural Care he worked as sales manager for Intercontinental Forwarders in the US, as a manager for Vingresor, a tour operator in Spain, and as general manager for ASG Airfreight in Sweden. From 1986 to 1993, he served as the Swedish Trade Commissioner to the US and Vice President/Regional Manager for North and South America for the Swedish Trade Council.

Statement of Intent

“Having served as your treasurer several times over the years, I would be happy to continue for one more term. I will do my best to secure the financial well-being of our organisation.”