International Au Pair Day – Let´s celebrate Au Pairs

International Au Pair Day – Let´s celebrate Au Pairs

24 November is International Au Pair Day

What is International Au Pair Day ?

International Au Pair Day is a global celebration of all au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world. Just like we celebrate mothers, fathers, families or other special people we would like to celebrate au pairs. 

By annually celebrating together, we hope to:

  • Raise the profile and visibility of au pairs, and legal au pair programs, around the world.
  • Recognise and thank au pairs for what they do for host families and their children and for the part they play in fostering global understanding
  • Unite the au pair community and establish 24th November as a recognised day of annual au pair celebration
Who can celebrate International Au Pair Day?
  • Au Pairs (former/current/future)
  • Host families
  • Au Pair Agencies
  • National Au Pair Associations
  • Everyone who believes in the value of au pair programmes – and their contribution to cultural understanding and awareness around the world

This year, because personal gatherings are more difficult due to the COVID19 pandemic, we will celebrate the day online. We, therefore, shout out to all au pairs, agencies and host families to create a big buzz online about the day. Organise online au pair parties and virtual meetups,  tell us your au pair stories. Host families can thank their au pairs for their great support in various ways e.g. by treating them to something special, have the kids draw a thank you card, give them a day off.

Speak about this special event on social media and always use the hashtag #InternationalAuPairDay

Find more information as well as the link to our media kit on the International Au Pair website

Watch our video from the celebrations around the world on the first International Au Pair Day in 2019.