24 November is International Au Pair Day – let’s celebrate Au Pairs!!

24 November is International Au Pair Day – let’s celebrate Au Pairs!!


This year we’ll celebrate the 2019 initiated International Au Pair Day for the 4th time. We’re proud to say that each year more agencies, au pairs and host families joined in the celebration of au pairs. Even during the year of the pandemic there was a lot of buzz around the day.

Join us on 24 November – lets celebrate Au Pairs

What is International Au Pair Day?

International Au Pair Day is a global celebration of all au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world.

Why we want to celebrate International Au Pair Day

By annually celebrating together, we hope to:

  • Recognise and thank au pairs for what they do for host families and their children – and for the part they play in fostering global understanding
  • Unite the au pair community and further establish 24 November as a recognised day of annual au pair celebrations
  • Raise the profile, visibility and stress the importance of legal au pair programmes around the world

Why celebrate International Au Pair Day on 24 November

24 November 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the release of the “European agreement on au pair placements” by the Council of Europe in 1969.

Who can participate?

  • All au pairs worldwide – former/current/future
  • Host families and their children
  • Au pair agencies and sponsors
  • National au pair associations
  • Au pair programme ‘partners’ e.g insurance, youth travel and cultural exchange organisations, educational organisations such as language schools

…and everyone who believes in the value of au pair programmes – and their contribution to cultural understanding and awareness around the world

Find more information as well as the link to our media kit on the International Au Pair website www.internationalaupairday.com

Speak about this special event on social media and always use the hashtag #InternationalAuPairDay

Need some further inspiration how to celebrate au pairs? Watch the video from International Au Pair Day 2021

Click on the picture to start the video