Workshops and Events

Our Events

Our members benefit from unique networking opportunities throughout the year with our range of organised workshops and events.

These live and online events are designed to engage and connect members, facilitating business communications and learning for everyone involved in au pair and cultural exchange programs.

Au Pair of the Year Award

We established the Au Pair of the Year Award as a way to recognise and honour the most extraordinary, exceptional and deserving au pairs as nominated by their host families.

The award is also a wonderful way for our members to showcase their organisations, promoting the high quality of their au pair programs and highlighting to the public the rewarding and mutually beneficial experience of this cultural exchange program.

IAPA Workshops Worldwide

We organise local get togethers and workshops every year for members and non-members to discuss the current situation and regulations for au pair programmes in their country so that we can continue to support the industry.

IAPA Webinars

IAPA consistently offers insightful webinars and social virtual events to its members. This ongoing commitment serves to inform and educate members on crucial topics such as GDPR, global updates on au pair programs, tax duties for au pairs, and best practices in social media and marketing. These events not only meet immediate needs for our member businesses but also contribute to the enduring strength and unity of the IAPA community. This was especially important during the years of the pandemic when personal meetings weren´t possible.