Patricia Brunner – Managing Director

Managing Director

Patricia Brunner
IAPA Office Munich, Germany

Patricia  has been a member of the IAPA Executive Board for 6 years, serving the Au Pair community also as IAPA chair for 3 years from 2013 to 2016 before taking over the position as Managing Director.

With over 16 years of running with her former own agency in Munich, Germany and  with her experience within the IAPA Executive Board she has extensive knowledge  and  insight not only in our association but in the  au pair industry as a whole. She understands herself as the link between all members.

 I feel honored and pleased  that the IAPA membership has given me their trust to navigate and represent the association.

Being an IAPA member means to be part of a community, to do something for this community and to act accordingly. We need to strengthen this association and give impulses to members to bring in their ideas and skills in order to learn from each other and to create benefits.

My roles is – together with the Executive  Board – to create the atmosphere and platform for its members to grow together. Quality, transparency, credibility and member benefits are the key points we have to concentrate on.

The more the members support us and give us their input, the better we can support them and the au pair programme as a whole.

Patricia is looking forward to exchange thoughts and ideas with all members. Please contact her at