AEPA releases Spanish Au Pair Report

AEPA releases Spanish Au Pair Report

AEPA (Spanish Au Pair Agencies Association) has recently prepared and published its report “Informe Visado Au Pair” to present the specific characteristics of the au pair program in Spain as it presently stands. At the same time, the report emphasises the need for an exclusive visa tailored to the au pairs’ circumstances, namely for those coming from outside of the EU.

In the report, AEPA states that there is currently no correct legal framework for an au pair visa in Spain. This means that non-European young people wishing to come to Spain as an au pair must do so with a student visa. The student visa is often unsuitable for au pairs, given they must register as full time students, leaving little room to help potential host families as au pairs.

According to the report, many au pairs are unaware of their rights and obligations during their stay in Spain, and they may also be taken advantage of by host families, especially those who don’t use the services of an au pair agency.

In conclusion, the AEPA report underlines the need for an adequate legal framework for au pairs in Spain. A specific au pair visa, as well as regulations that ensure fair treatment, remuneration and participation in cultural exchange for non-European au pairs, would provide more protection and clarity for all parties involved.

The association also recommends that the government work with other EU countries to create a common set of au pair regulations. Au pairs are in high demand in Spain and other EU countries, but the lack of a clear pan-European regulatory framework can make it difficult for both au pairs and host families to navigate the process.

IAPA The International Au Pair Association, AEPA and other national au pair associations would welcome and gladly accompany such a process.

Read the full report here “Informe Visado Au Pair”