Au Pair of the Year 2015 – Meet our three finalists!

Au Pair of the Year 2015 – Meet our three finalists!

Au Pair of the Year Award 2015

After a thorough review period we have now selected our three finalists for the 11th edition of the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award.

All 59 submissions were of great quality and we got to read a great diversity of host family essays, all describing fantastic experiences with their au pair.

From these essays we have now selected our three finalists and we are now in the process of obtaining their stories, to make our final decision.

Meet the finalists

Terri Abbott (27),
South Africa
Maja Grüttner (19),
Lena Halberstadt (18),
nominated by
the Sherr family, USA
nominated by
the Harris family, UK
nominated by
the Rasmussen family, USA

Terri Abbott

In addition to being an invaluable asset to our family, Terri is very outgoing. We are an active family. We enjoy everything that Colorado offers, skiing, camping, hiking and travel. Within one month of arriving, Terri was on a snowboard! Terri had never seen snow as she is from South Africa. She has vigor for life and adventure like no one I have ever met. This love for life and exploration has overflowed into my boys. They see her fearlessly taking on new experiences and can see her genuine enthusiasm as she does it. She has fun! She is an incredible role model and terrific big ‘sister’.
– Sherr family, Peyton, CO, USA

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Maja Grüttner

Maja made a real effort to help the children and us understand about the Swedish way of life. She made us traditional Swedish meals and taught the kids how to make them. She introduced the children to Swedish tales and found English translations so they could experience the books she had grown up with. Maja also introduced us to a Swedish Christmas, bringing traditional Swedish treats and customs to our family, which was all the more impressive given that at the time she had only been with us for a month.
– Harris family, Weybridge, Surrey, UK

Childcare Company   STS Sweden

Lena Halberstadt

“In the short almost 4-months she has been here, she has been a positive ray of sunshine.  At just 18, she is ridiculously mature. Five kids with very different personalities and a large age gap is no easy assignment yet Lena accomplishes it with ease. We just returned from a trip to Florida with our family and, of course, Lena. She was amazing. Playing with the kids in the pool, swimming with them in the ocean, searching for sea shells, building sandcastles, applying sunscreen, cutting food, giving baths, all of this help makes for a fantastic, relaxing vacation.”
– Rasmussen family, Northville, MI, USA