Au pair of the Year Award 2012 – And the winner is…

Birte Klusmann, 20 years old, from Germany!

The Au Pair of the Year 2012 is Ms. Birte Klusmann, a 20 year-old German native.
She was given the honour during the annual Welcome Reception of WETM-IAC on Wednesday, March 14th.
Birte was hosted in 2011 by the American family Bess, leaving in Lambton, Australia.The receiving organisation is “Smartaupairs Australia”.
The award was given to Birte by the IAPA Board member Mrs. Patricia Brunner, in the beautiful boat-restaurant “Café Spoon” in  Budapest.
Said the Bess family: “We liked Birte from the moment we first met her – it is impossible not to! She is so instantly warm, friendly, and full   of creativity. We will forever have her in our lives!”