Why find a placement through an au pair agency


IAPA is against any direct match between au pair and host family and we strongly recommend to always use a legally registered au pair agency in your home country.

Newspaper and online advertisements or one of the many web-based matching services may appear to be acceptable and inexpensive alternatives for securing an au pair placement.

There are, however, potential risks in arranging a placement in this manner.

10 reasons to use a legally registered au pair agency

Below are 10 reasons on why you should find a placement through a registered IAPA member agency:

  1. Au pairs as well as host families are thoroughly screened
  2. You will receive written contracts with clear definitions of the conditions of the au pair placement
  3. They have the experience in the au pair industry; IAPA members have to be in business for at least two years to apply for full membership
  4. Members need to provide proof of financial stability and commit to IAPA standards of professionalism
  5. Standards or guidelines: IAPA members not only have to follow the rules and regulations in their country, but also those set by IAPA
  6. Our members will verify references, police checks and/or medical certification
  7. Verification of documents and interviews. Our member agencies will make sure they deal with real people
  8. A rematch policy (secondary placement) will be in place in case the initial placement is unsuccessful
  9. You will receive local support during your au pair placement
  10. Our members have understanding of national au pair regulations.

We have collected five of the most obvious reasons to use on of our members’ services in a short video.

If you are an IAPA member and want to use this video on your website, send us an e-mail and we will provide you with the required information.