BREXIT White Paper supports Cultural Exchange of young people with EU

BREXIT White Paper supports Cultural Exchange of young people with EU

Yesterday UK´s Prime Minister Theresa May presented the government´s White Paper on BREXIT and on how the British government sees the future relationship with the countries of the EU.

Of course we were curious to see what it would say about Cultural Exchange programs such as Au Pair.

Even though there will be another more detailed White Paper on immigration which is to be presented in October we see some positive signs as the paper explicitly confirms the commitment to cultural exchange for young people.

Here is what the White Paper says :

Students and young people

85. The UK and the EU should continue to give young people and students the chance to benefit from each other’s world leading universities, including cultural exchanges such as Erasmus+.

86. The UK proposes a UK-EU youth mobility scheme to ensure that young people can continue to enjoy the social, cultural and educational benefits of living in each other’s countries. The UK already operates a number of youth mobility schemes with other global partners, for example with Australia and Canada, on which this could be modelled.


As we hear from the British Au Pair Association BAPAA who had talked with  some government officials Au Pair Applicants should not worry as there will be non changes to their status for about two more years and Au Pairs are as welcome in the UK as ever.
Many British host families are looking forward to host Au Pairs from the EU.