Flynn Michael Legg is IAPA Au Pair of the Year 2021

Flynn Michael Legg is IAPA Au Pair of the Year 2021

Like 2020, also this year has been a very challenging year so far for the au pair community and once again we were not able to hand out the Au Pair of the Year Award during our annual event WETM-IAC.

Therefore, we tried to make the best of it by presenting our Au Pair of the Year Award Ceremony video during our Online Conference on 18 May 2021 in which we celebrated our winner Flynn Michale Legg, but also our Runners Up Ana, Maureen and Claudia who all share the second place with the exact number of points from he jury this year.

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Flynn has joined his host family in New Zealand in August 2020 and ever since has been the perfect match for them and their two children:

You can just see the love that Flynn has for the children as he looks at them. He is extremely understanding of their moods; he tries to explain situations so they can work out why things happen and how it makes them feel.

He has succeeded in integrating himself into our small country community and has found friends around our district. He joined a rugby team, went along to every open mic he could find, and befriended ‘a local’ his age just up the road. I think he has been a real go getter to make this little place called Patetonga his home.

“The biggest lesson I have learned from my kiddos is patience. It is a virtue I employ in every action we take together.”

“I love little Frank and Henrietta, and I always will. That love has forced me to learn a new patience, for their sake. But in the end, it was not so hard. After all, I’d do anything for my kiddos.”

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Meet Our Jury 2021

Our jury, among them last year´s Au Pair of the Wandi Zhu, selected Flynn among the many entries we received from our members and their host families. All of them wonderful au pairs who have made a great difference in their host families life, especially during this difficult times and are all true ambassadors for this cultural exchange programme.

We also congratulate our IAPA member agency Au Pair Link in New Zealand who placed Flynn with family Ward.
New Zealand has been closed for all travelers as well as au pairs for over a year. Family Ward was very grateful to find Flynn through Au Pair Link who was already a student in the country and decided to prolong his stay as an au pair.
Thank you to this year’s sponsor of the award