IAPA Workshops Worldwide

Each year IAPA tries to organise local get togethers with member and non-member au pair agencies on a national level.

Changes in economic circumstances, sending and receiving markets, and visa procedures over the past years have driven the need for international cooperation on how to ensure the continued high standards of au pair programmes.

These meetings give us and the attending au pair agencies an opportunity to discuss the current situation of the au pair programmes in their country and will focus on how to ensure high standards of au pair programmes, by lobbying and increasing awareness.

We are dedicated to actively support the establishment of new national au pair associations in both sending and receiving countries, to increase quality standards in our industry.

When we do visit your country, we would like to invite you to take the opportunity to join us and to share your experience about the au pair industry! This will support us driving the industry forward.

Our past workshops and get togethers

2018  UK

2017  China

2016 Brazil and Colombia

2014 Ireland

2013 Italy
2013 Australia & New Zealand

2012 Canada

2011 Spain
2011 Ireland

2010 South America
2010 China

2009 Thailand

2008 South Africa

2007 Mexico