French Association UFAAP held in-person meeting in Paris

French Association UFAAP held in-person meeting in Paris

UFAAP in-person AGM – a much needed opportunity for personal exchange

On Friday, 15 January 2022, UFAAP (French Federation of Au Pair Agencies) held its annual general meeting in Paris.
UFAAP members finally had the opportunity to meet again in person and discuss the international situation concerning the impact of COVID -19. The au pair industry worldwide, namely the French organisations, have been through difficult times. But in the light of countries worldwide gradually opening their doors to au pairs again, French organisations are hopeful and expect new development perspectives in 2022.

Cooperation between UFAAP and AIR CANADA

A representative from AIR CANADA also attended the meeting. UFAAP and Air Canada agreed on a partnership that will offer au pairs special rates on their flights to and from Canada. Congratulations on this agreement which will benefit French and Canadian au pairs.

New UFAAP Member

UFAAP is also pleased to welcome a new agency that recently joined the association, AU PAIR CONNEXION, based in the Aquitaine region of France.

IAPA wishes UFAAP and its members every success in 2022 and many placements and opportunities for young people to experience cultural exchanges in France and French youth abroad. in Paris