Happy International Au Pair Day!

Happy International Au Pair Day!

For the 4th time we are celebrating  #InternationalAuPairDay today.
And we are happy to see the “buzz” around the day is growing and agencies, au pairs and host families are celebrating it.

This year we gave out the theme : “What are you thankful for?”

We at IAPA also have many reasons to be thankful:

We are thankful to serve the wonderful community of au pair organisations and their partners who work together to enable young people to have a wonderful and safe #culturalexchange experience.

We are thankful for the au pair programme worldwide and we thank all the young people leaving their comfort zone to embark on a journey to another culture as au pair.

Thanks also to those kind, understandable host families who make sure that au pairs feel welcome and who give them a second home abroad.

Thank you all for thanking Au Pairs today!