Happy International Women´s Day

Happy International Women´s Day

Today, on International Women’s Day 2021, IAPA celebrates women’s achievements whilst forging women’s equality.

Our IAPA Board members are shown here pledging their support for this year’s IWD theme #ChoosetoChallenge.

And we call on you to do the same: Show your support by posting a photo of yourself in the same pose on social media.

As an organisation that represents many women – two thirds of our member organisations are owned and run by women and most young people participating in the programme are female – we actively #ChooseToChallenge gender inequality and bias.

During the pandemic, it is very often women who are affected more (and differently) than men as they take on a greater workload and juggle working from home and children’s homeschooling. A UN study shows the significant negative effects on gender equality the pandemic causes: UN article “From Insights to Action”

The au pair programme is also affected worldwide and thus so are many women. In many countries, women cannot get childcare support and so they are forced to step back from, or give up, their jobs. Young women cannot start their cultural exchange experiences abroad. Worldwide travel bans have forced many au pair organizations to downsize, hibernate or even close their businesses. The situation has cost many employees, mostly women, their jobs or has left them fearing for the survival of their small businesses which they have built up and run with so much dedication and passion.

So today, let’s celebrate strong women like scientist Dr.Özlem Türeci who invented the first vaccine against Corona together with her husband Ugur Sahin; strong female politicians like German Chancelor Dr.Angela Merkel and Kamala Harris; Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and climate activist Greta Thunberg. Let’s also celebrate all the women who make a difference every day in their own surroundings and on the lives of others; those who run their own businesses, mothers caring for their families whilst working at home, nurses and carers looking after of our sick and old. 

Plus all the au pairs who make such a significant impact on the lives and futures of the host families and children they encounter.

We wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day!

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021