Looking for an au Pair agency?

Dear Au Pair applicant,

thanks a lot for your interest in becoming an au pair.

We always recommend you to use an IAPA member agency to ensure you will have a safe and happy au pair experience.

Please look for a suitable agency in your home country in our member search. Simply put in your country and you will see a list of member agencies in your home country that you can contact for further information.

For any general information see also our part about the au pair program www.iapa/org/au-pairs/

Beware of Scams!!


  • Inform yourself well about the au pair program in general and the conditions and visa requirements in your future host country

  • Don’t trust any offers that sound “too good too be true”. 
  • Don’t send any money abroad. Agencies will not ask you to wire money abroad
  • Beware! Some scammers use the names and logos of legit organizations.
  • Always talk to your future host family and the agency in a personal call
  • Use an IAPA agency in your home country

If you have any doubts or questions please contact us info@iapa.org