IAPA International Au Pair Association elects new Board Members and bids a heartfelt Farewell to outgoing Chair Linda James!

IAPA International Au Pair Association elects new Board Members and bids a heartfelt Farewell to outgoing Chair Linda James!

On Wednesday 28 June 2023, the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) online. This marked the first General Meeting since the transformation of IAPA into a legally registered association in Germany, operating under the name IAPA International Au Pair Association (Munich) e.V..

The meeting saw the election of new Board members, including the Chair, Treasurer, and a new Board member.


We are pleased to congratulate Michal McHugh on his well-deserved appointment as the new IAPA Chair. Michael McHugh, senior vice president of Au Pair USA by InterExchange in the USA, brings extensive experience from several years of Board activities, including the last two years as Treasurer. His vision for the coming years is to foster growth within IAPA while ensuring its financial stability and expanding member benefits.

Charlotte Cappa-Domenge, Executive Director of AFJ Au Pair in France, elected to the leadership team as the new Treasurer, is equipped with a legal background that adds depth to her role. She has been serving on the IAPA Board for one year and now feels ready to take over the responsibility of further supporting IAPA´s mission and overseeing its financial stability.

Alongside them, Kati Mäder, the co-founder of GO4AUPAIR in Germany was elected new Board Member. She brings a fresh, youthful perspective coupled with over 15 years of industry experience.

Sarah Kelly, CEO of ADANAC in Canada, continues to serve as Board Member.


A big Thank You to Leaving Chair Linda James

During the meeting, heartfelt farewells were bid to leaving IAPA Chair Linda James, who served on the Board for eight years, with three and a half years as Chair. The new Chair Michael McHugh, and Managing Director Patricia Brunner thanked Linda James for her exceptional service over the last eight years.

Her dedication and thoughtful leadership, particularly through the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, have left IAPA in a strong position for the future. They pointed out that she will be deeply missed, but that her impact and legacy will forever be cherished within the association.

In a heartfelt speech, Linda James expressed her gratitude to all past and present Board members for their cooperation and tireless volunteer efforts, as well as acknowledging the Managing Director, Patricia Brunner, who she praised as the “glue that holds the association together.” Linda thanked all members for the trust they had given her over the years. She expressed her confidence in the new Board’s competence and assured members that it had the expertise and vision to lead IAPA into a promising and successful future.


As IAPA embarks on this exciting new chapter, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact of the newly elected Board members and their collective commitment to advancing the au pair program globally.