IAPA´s Statement on the Developments in Ukraine

IAPA´s Statement on the Developments in Ukraine

The IAPA community is dismayed and deeply saddened by the current developments in Ukraine.

As a cultural exchange organisation whose aim is to bring people of different cultures together to promote peace, we firmly believe that the solution to conflict lies in talking and listening to each other, not in violence.

For many years IAPA members have been placing au pairs from Ukraine and Russia with host families in the EU and the USA. We cannot imagine how heavy the hearts of our programme participants must be, how great the concern for their loved ones back home, given the current developments.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, present and former programme participants, our Ukrainian members and everyone who is experiencing the horrors of war or is in fear for the safety of their families.

We hope for a speedy and peaceful end to this unlawful invasion and remain committed to fostering peace and understanding around the world through cultural exchange.