IRELAND NEWS: Au Pair Bill presented in Irish Parliament

IRELAND NEWS: Au Pair Bill presented in Irish Parliament

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As already reported previously IAPA has been in very close contact with the Irish National Association APAC Ireland on the developments regarding the Au Pair programme in Ireland and we would like to inform you on the latest news in this matter:

In March IAPA, APAC Ireland together with ECAPS and other European National Associations contacted the Irish government and expressed their great concern regarding the lack of a properly defined Au Pair programme in Ireland and the classification of Au Pairs as domestic workers.

In May Deputy TD Anne Rabitte from the Irish Republican party Fianna Faíl has initiated a Bill (proposal for legislation) for Au Pair placements in Ireland that was presented in the Irish parliament – the Dáil – on 30th June 2016.
The reading of the Bill was the first step in a process that can still take many more months at the end of which we hope there will be a proper legislation for the Au Pair programme in Ireland defining it as cultural exchange programme giving families, Au pairs and agencies security in a legal framework.

Before the Bill was presented in parliament IAPA sent letters to about 70 Deputies, Ministers and Senators asking for their support of the Au Pair Bill. All European associations that are members of IAPA and ECAPS joined IAPA in this effort and sent their letters as well.

A debate and vote on the Bill is scheduled for Wednesday 13th July. This will be the second of at least 6 steps towards legislation. Though nothing is secure yet we are optimistic as several politicians have responded positively to IAPA and the other Associations as well as in public.–greater.html

Needless to say that IAPA has offered its support to the parties in involved and we hope that-should a legislation be drafted – the politicians in charge will be willing to consider the Irish agencies´ and IAPA´s thoughts to make sure it will be a programme that not only works in theory but in everyday life.

We will keep you posted on further developments in Ireland.

For further information please contact our Managing Director Patricia Brunner