Lia Anahi Padilla Medina from Ecuador wins 2024 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award

Lia Anahi Padilla Medina from Ecuador wins 2024 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award

We are pleased to introduce this year’s recipient of the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award: Lia Anahi Padilla Medina from Ecuador. Lia’s exceptional qualities and invaluable contributions to her host family set her apart from a pool of remarkable candidates.

The announcement of the award was made on Saturday, March 16th, in the elegant setting of the Chrystal Palace in Krakow, Poland, a highlight of our annual WETM-IAC conference.

Selected by a panel of five judges, Lia’s victory speaks volumes about her exceptional character and the profound impact she has made, especially during a challenging time for her host family. Despite Lia’s absence in Krakow, her touching journey was beautifully captured in a heartfelt congratulatory video put together by her placement agency, Agentaupair. This moving tribute showcased Lia’s unwavering dedication and boundless love for her host family and their four boys, leaving a very emotional impression on all conference attendees.

Please join us in congratulating Lia on this well-deserved recognition of her remarkable achievements.

Special thanks also go to Lia’s host family, Pellicano, who nominated Lia for the award and submitted the video to their agency.

Agentaupair and APW Ecuador, both IAPA member agencies, facilitated the perfect match between Lia and her host family, making Lia’s au pair experience in the United States possible. Congratulations also to them!


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Watch her story and how Lia was celebrated below on Youtube:

Our Runner-Up Isa Mik, The Netherlands

Furthermore we would like to congratulate our Runner-Up Isa Mik from the Netherlands who is also an exceptional person and Au Pair.

Isa is an au pair in the United States and was placed by her US Sponsor AuPairUSA by InterExchange and Sending agency Travel Active in The Netherlands.

Congrats to Isa, her family and both IAPA agencies.

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