Member highlight: AUpairUA Agency TM STUDY.UA

Member highlight: AUpairUA Agency TM STUDY.UA

STUDY.UA logo EnglishAUpairUA Agency TM STUDY.UA is a Ukraine based organisation that has been a member of IAPA since 2004 and was therefore recognised for their longstanding membership in 2014.

IAPA spoke to STUDY.UA’s International Officer Ms Marina Chyharova to learn more about the organisation and the way they’re looking to promote international exchanges for Ukrainian youth.

Tell us more about STUDY.UA and what you do?

Study.UA teamWe are the the largest Ukrainian company with more than 17 years of experience. We have four departments and four offices in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine:

  • Education department
  • Work and Travel department
  • Au-Pair department
  • In-country language training department

Education department

The main programmes that we offer to the young Ukrainians and their parents are:

  • Higher education programmes;
  • Secondary education programmes;
  • Language study abroad and summer camps.

We work with hundreds of high-ranked universities, prestigious schools and colleges around the world and we are always ready to start new partner relations to offer to our students more choice of quality education abroad.

Work and Travel department

Since 1999, STUDY.UA helps students to participate in the Work and Travel USA programme that has a great popularity among Ukrainians. Work and Travel USA is a real American experience, an unforgettable trip and the opportunity to earn while travelling. We send thousands of students on Work and Travel programmes to the USA!

Au pair department

Study.UA officeThe au pair programme is a perfect choice for young Ukrainians who want to gain the invaluable experience of living abroad, to study foreign languages, to meet new cultures, learn about traditions and make new friends.

We currently actively send au pairs to the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. If you are interested to invite Ukrainian au pair candidates to your country, we invite you to get in touch with us!

Tell us about the market developments in the Ukraine?

It is hard to believe but behind the TV picture there is a huge market for international education!

Due to the recent political developments in our country more and more Ukrainians are thinking of the education and training programmes abroad. We, STUDY.UA Agency, do our best to meet the challenges of the current turbulent times and turn them into opportunities for further growth.

Study.UA fair

Our main marketing tool is the Education Exhibition in Kiev that we hold twice a year.

The Education Exhibition in February turned out to be a huge success with over 8,500 visitors over two days of the busy event. Our video of the event will change your perception of Ukrainian market forever!

The next fair will take place on 17 and 18 October 2015.

For more information on STUDY.UA contact Marina Chyharova, International Officer at STUDY.UA or connect with them through Facebook or Twitter.