Member highlight: RC Au Pairs

Member highlight: RC Au Pairs

Rc aupairs

RC Au Pairs was founded in 2007 with its head office in Barcelona, Spain. In December 2014, RC Au Pairs expanded and now also has an office in Madrid, with a team dedicated to supporting au pairs.

Additionally, RC Au Pairs also have a network of representatives in other areas of Spain, along with representatives in Andorra and Asian countries such as the Philippines and Singapore; where qualified young people are recruited for the US Au Pair Programme.

They have been proud members of IAPA since 2012.

Spain is the only Spanish speaking country in Europe. In recent years RC Au Pairs have noticed a gradual growth in both foreign families seeking Spanish au pairs and Spanish candidates interested in the au pair programmes.

To support the demand of interest in the au pair programme, RC Au Pairs works with the Catalonia government and Barcelona Town Hall to provide talks for young adults who want to know more about the opportunities that the au pair programme offers.

Over the last few months, RC Au Pairs has been successful in reaching agreements with the Youth Cards of each Spanish region where they have a representative as well as the Red Cross. The Red Cross will provide a customised First Aid course for RC’s au pairs.

All candidates are chosen carefully: they are provided with detailed information on the au pair programme in the country to which they want to travel, their references are checked and it is ensured that all submitted documents are valid.

Through their recent talks and audience feedback, RC Au Pairs have realised that there is lack of information about the au pair programme in Spain.

They are therefore concentrating their efforts on promoting the au pair programme to those who wish to go abroad but do not know or have not considered the au pair programme as an option.

For many Spanish young adults who finish their University studies this is the only way to go abroad, improve their language skills and embrace the lifestyle and culture of other countries.

For more information, contact RC Au Pairs: 

RC Au Pairs (Head office) | Ronda Sant Pere 17, 3-3 | 08010, Barcelona | Spain