Membership fee payment

IAPA is a membership organisation which is funded almost 100% through membership fees. Therefore we rely on prompt payments of these fees. Here Please find here our normal fees structure.

Please note that due to the difficult situation the COVID19 pandemic has caused for all our members the IAPA Executive Board has suggested to the membership during the IAPA Online AGM in November 2020 to lower the membership fees by 50% for one year in 2021. Your invoice will therefore contain the reduced fee.

We also recognise that there are costs and inconveniences in paying membership invoices and so we have introduced  low cost payment system that means that members can pay their invoices in their local currency with charges of generally less than EUR 10,- .In addition, members will get a better exchange rate than that offered by the bank. The exchange rate is guaranteed.

Step 1

Please find the link for payment on your membership invoice or simply click here.

Complete the form as follows:

IAPA how to pay


  • Please make sure that the company name entered into the form correctly matches the one on the membership invoice
  • The question Student name can be answered with a Full stop ” . “
  • Then click on ‘Apply fees & rate’
  • Double check your entries
  • Tick the terms and conditions box
  • If your entries are accurate, click on ‘Confirm’

Step 2

You will be redirected to a second page showing the exact amount due in your local currency and bank details to make payment. The same message will be automatically sent to you by email.

Please follow the instructions carefully to finalise payment.

If you would like to notify us once the invoice has been settled, please email