National Au Pair Association Colombia (ASCAAP) elects new Board       

National Au Pair Association Colombia (ASCAAP) elects new Board       

The Asociación Colombiana de Agencias Au Pair (ASCAAP) held their Annual General Meeting in Bogotá last April.

The members elected their new President and Executive Board  and the composition of the Board is now as follows:

President:             Jhon Carlos Garzon Cometta, (Andar por el Mundo)

Vice-president:     Mauricio Arango Mejía, (Gruppo Brainstorming)

Treasurer:              Freddy Alexander Barretto, (Fundación Mundo Colombia)

Fiscal:                    Yamile Ramirez, (Trotamundos S.A.)

Secretary:              Lina María Fajardo Moreno (Cultural Travel Ltda.)


We congratulate John Carlos and his Board on their election and wish them all the best and a lot of energy to  grow and strengthen the association.

The young Board team already has a lot on its agenda:

They decided on initiatives to attract more members, such as creating an ASCAAP magazine or offering workshops and a conference or fair.

Furthermore, they plan to establish a Transparency Committee.

IAPA will be curious to hear more and will support the Colombian agencies in their strive for quality and transparency to distinguish themselves from a huge and sometimes confusing au pair landscape in Colombia.

Find out more about ASCAAP on their new wesbiste