Ozman International Education, Turkey – IAPA´s new Full Member

Ozman International Education, Turkey – IAPA´s new Full Member

We’re always happy to welcome a new member and grow the community of organisations worldwide that stand for quality au pair placements.
Therefore, IAPA is excited to announce that an organisation with a long tradition in offering cultural exchange programs has joined us as a full member: Ozman International Education from Turkey

Ozman International Education Services is an international education, practical training and J1 cultural exchange programs recruitment and consultancy organization established in Adana, Turkey in 1996 and has 4 offices in Besiktas, Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Izmir.

They pride themselves in providing unique and efficient educational and exchange programmes for their students and give them the opportunity to share and learn about different cultures having an unforgettable experience since 1999. Au Pair programmes have been a significant part of the portfolio they offer to applicants. So far, the organisation has been offering Au Pair mainly to the USA but they are working on opening more countries in Europe for their participants.

The IAPA membership will help to further ensure the quality they strive to provide through collaboration with other high-quality IAPA agencies. 

Find out more about Ozman International Education on their website