As a sector association of WYSE Travel Confederation we understand the relevance of understanding the ever-changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers and the industry that supports them.

We invest in research and market intelligence to share this with our members to inform them on the policies, services, and products that make international travel and educational experiences exciting, safe, accessible, and affordable for young people.

Further to the research performed by the WYSE Travel Confederation, we will also be conducting our specific research within the au pair industry.

The following projects are in the pipeline for the coming year:

  • Our member survey – We need our members to share their thoughts and feedback about our activities, to ensure that we are providing you with the support and initiatives that are important to your business, both now and in the years to come
  • Au Pair industry survey
  • Au pair consumer survey

Once the reports are finalised, they will be shared with our members.

The research reports from WYSE Travel Confederation are freely available to full WYSE Travel Confederation members.

To have a look and download all available publications, click here