Welcome to our latest new Associate Member SPRINTAX, USA

Welcome to our latest new Associate Member SPRINTAX, USA

IAPA is pleased to welcome its latest associate member SPRINTAX

Sprintax has a Tax Determination and Tax Preparation Software, which helps nonresidents – including au pairs – ensure they are tax compliant and prepares nonresidents’ US federal and state tax returns.

Sprintax is a user-friendly, step-by-step process that allows nonresidents to quickly and easily determine their residency status and prepare tax returns on US and Canadian income or stipends.

What does Sprintax do?

Sprintax can help organizations and nonresident individuals with their US tax compliance.

Most international au pairs are classified as ‘Nonresident Aliens’ under US tax law. This means that they will need to determine their residency status, generate tax forms and file an annual tax return. US tax law can be a tricky area to navigate through, so Sprintax will do it all for you!

The Sprintax Tax Software suite can:

– Determine Residency Status and Treaty Eligibility

– Generate tax forms such as, Form 8233, W-4, 1042-S, W-8BEN

– Prepare the 1040NR, State Tax forms, Form 8843, ITIN application and FICA return

– Provide a live chat support for nonresidents

Efficient, Effective, Easy – that’s Sprintax!

To learn more about individual tax preparation click here:  www.sprintax.com

To learn more about tax determination, residency status and much more click here: www.sprintaxtds.com