Welcome  to our new Associate Member: Academic Language Solutions

Welcome to our new Associate Member: Academic Language Solutions

Academic Language Solutions was founded in 2016 by two individuals with deep roots in the international education field. Together, they have a combined 90 years of experience. They wanted to bring an objective English assessment that measures English conversation results to the J-1 and F-1 Visa Sponsors and recruitment agencies.

After a year of research, Academic Language Solutions chose the iTEP Conversation exam as the test of choice. Shortly thereafter, iTEP Au Pair, iTEP Intern and iTEP Hospitality was introduced. In the F-1 Visa category, they introduced iTEP Slate Plus.

These tests quickly became popular with a wide variety of global J1 and F1 organizations. iTEP English Conversation exams are now accepted by J1 Sponsors and overseas recruitment agencies. iTEP Slate Plus is now accepted by F1 recruiters and host school admissions offices of hundreds of US colleges and universities, as well as many Intensive English Programs throughout the United States.

The use of innovative technology, ESL Professional human graders and a 100% oral exam to assess real-world English listening and speaking skills, mixed with the academic prowess of our staff and supporters, has guaranteed Academic Language Solutions remains a crucial partner for English assessment.

Find our more about this new member https://academiclanguagesolutions.com/