WETM-IAC 2014 – Welcome Reception

WETM-IAC 2014 – Welcome Reception

WETM-IAC is pleased to announce that the conference will be opened this year by Baroness Diana Warwick of Undercliff, a House of Lords Peer. The Welcome Reception will take place at the Thistle Marble Arch, Sunday evening, 16 March 2014.

The Welcome Reception is the official ‘kick-off’ to the conference and is a first real chance for delegates to catch up with friends and colleagues and a chance to meet new ones. The official opening of the conference will be followed by the traditional announcement of the Au Pair of the Year.

The winner of this annual award is nominated by their host family via a member of IAPA, in recognition of the work he/she put into their time as an Au Pair. Last year’s winner was Femke Meyer from Germany, nominated by Au Pair Link New Zealand.

The reception will start at 18:00 and end around 19:30, giving delegates the opportunity to sample the local London restaurants. For more information on London’s restaurants be sure to visit the Time Out London website.

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Our WETM-IAC Partners 2014

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About WYSE Work Abroad Association

WYSE Work Abroad Association is the leading global forum and trade association for organisations involved in work abroad programmes. WYSE Work Abroad’s mission is to facilitate and increase international youth travel and exchange through the promotion of culturally oriented work abroad & volunteer activities. Represented in over 45 countries worldwide, our 150+ members are active in serving the work abroad community and represent a variety of business and organisational interests.

WYSE Work Abroad not only provides its members with unparalleled trading, business, and marketing opportunities; it also sets and maintains standards of best practice, to ensure work abroad programmes worldwide uphold and deliver the highest quality.

About the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)

The International Au Pair Association (IAPA) was established in 1994 by cultural exchange organisations seeking to improve and protect the rights of au pairs and host families around the world. The association has been responsible for the creation of internationally recognised guidelines for au pairs and exchange programmes. IAPA’s 150 plus member organisations agree to abide by the IAPA code of conduct, which signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity.

In 2006, IAPA established the European Committee for Au Pair Standards (ECAPS). Through formulating standardised definitions, ECAPS seeks to create a common platform for the development of quality au pair programmes throughout Europe. The first published draft of ECAPS definitions will be presented during WETM-IAC.

About the WYSE Travel Confederation

WYSE Travel Confederation’s 550+ members work through specialist sector associations to provide a range of valuable services and products for young travellers around the globe including Student Identity Cards, Language Travel Experiences, Work Exchange and Au Pair Experiences, Student Flights, Youth Accommodation and Travel Insurance.

In addition to assisting with the provision of these services and products, the Confederation is committed to understanding the ever changing characteristics, motivations, and needs of young travellers. The Confederation gathers, analyses and shares important research data and market intelligence with its members, academics, corporate and government decision-makers, and the general travelling public.

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Jessica Quinlan, Events Coordinator