WETM-IAC 2015: Introducing keynote speaker Rui Ventura

WETM-IAC 2015: Introducing keynote speaker Rui Ventura

Rui Ventura

Join our WETM-IAC 2015 welcome, opening and keynote session on Monday, 16 March to be inspired by Rui Ventura, our keynote speaker.

Rui is responsible for Marketing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa at television channel FUEL TV, which specialises in action sports, lifestyle and youth culture programmes.

Rui is also President of the APPM – Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals and guest Professor at IPAM, Universidade Católica and European University, where he teaches marketing, advertising, brand activation and communication.

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Fuel TVBrand building in the sharing economy

There was the time when people needed tools, they bought them. When they needed a place to stay when travelling, they paid for a hotel room. When they needed a car, they either bought one or rented one from a care hire company.

Then, perfectly coinciding with the global economic meltdown, the sharing economy burst onto the scene. Thanks to the internet, people with extra rooms, items they weren’t using or money they didn’t need could lend them out to strangers they met online.

Start-ups drove this initial revolution, and although big brands are now jumping on the bandwagon, those initial start-ups – now giant companies in their own right – continue to dominate. The sharing economy, though new, is nonetheless becoming fairly crowded but there’s still the opportunity for you to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Join this session, where Rui will:

  • Help you to understand the power of brand building and how it can directly impact on the success of your business
  • Provide practical examples to help you to revamp your company’s online presence and make sure your brand stands out from the crowd
  • Share best practice on how to use the collective power to enhance your own business
  • Explain how the new sharing economy models work.

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