What’s new from Cultural Care for 2014

What’s new from Cultural Care for 2014

As we all start to get used to writing “2014″ at the end of all of our dates, Cultural Care Au Pair continues to push industry standards higher and higher. We are excited to announce enhancements and additions that will make Cultural Care’s program better for you and your family.

New driver’s safety course

Before you welcome an au pair into your home, she will attend a 4-day training program on St. John’s University campus in Oakdale, New York. In addition to the many topics and training au pairs will receive at the school, as of February 2014, au pairs arriving from overseas attend a classroom course on driver’s safety. This course, delivered by the American Red Cross, is designed to familiarize au pairs with American driving laws, signs and protocols.

New recruitment countries

Cultural Care Au Pair has the largest selection of au pairs in the industry who hail from over 20 countries worldwide, now including the Czech Republic and South Africa! Our dedicated Cultural Care offices oversee recruitment for each au pair in every country, never outsourcing recruitment to third-party agents.

New year, new look

Cultural Care Au Pair is giving our au pair training school on the Oakdale, New York campus of St. John’s University an updated look with an eye towards the fresh and modern! With our commitment to support our au pairs as they start their year in America, we are updating classrooms, student lounges, and conference rooms to help foster more a engaging environment for our au pairs.

Source: Au Pair Buzz