Au Pair of the year 2018 –  Meet our three finalists!

Au Pair of the year 2018 – Meet our three finalists!

The 14th edition of the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award has again provided us with great stories that were shared with us through our member agencies.

We wish we could award all these wonderful young people as they would all deserve it.

After reviewing over 30 host family essays, all describing their rewarding experiences with their au pair, we have selected our three finalists for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year 2018 Award.

The 5 jury members this year consisting of 4 IAPA members as well as last year´s Au Pair of the Year Georgina Pinson have reviewed the stories we received from host families recommending their au pairs for the award.

The finalists have each sent us an essay that is being reviewed and scored in order to select our winner who will be announced at WETM-IAC 2018 in Seville from March 17-19 2018

Meet the finalists

Wendy Gonzalez Rubio Bello (26),


nominated by

the Lili family, USA

Martin Toth (25),


nominated by

the Bernosky family, USA

Melanie Manjarrez (20)


nominated by

the Shimada-Cirniglaro family, USA


Wendy Gonzalez Rubio Bello 

Wendy was au pair for a family with 4 children. During her stay with the family the youngest child was diagnosed with leukemia. In this difficult time Wendy showed that she was a real member of the family and supported the hot family in a very loving manner. “Always doing just the right thing” she helped the family through the most difficult phase in their life in which they all realized how much they grew together and stronger – including their au pair Wendy.

“…we learned Wendy was not just an au pair on an adventure far from home; Wendy is a part of our family – she is one of us and this is her home. …, our Wendy is defined by her calm and peace in a storm. She is a rock that the waves roll over.”

– Lili family, WA, USA

Receiving Agency: Au Pair Care, USA Sending Agency: The Au Pair Company, Mexico


Martin Toth 

Martin was suggested  already last year by his his first host family as he spent one year in  Washington DC first and  is now with his  second in Houston Texas. Shortly after Martin arrived in Houston the family´s home and neighborhood was hit by hurricane Harvey. Martin was thrown into a difficult and at times scary situation that he mastered without hesitation with his calm, helpful, hands-on and kind personality. He loves his host country and host family like his own.

„Martin became our family’s super hero and we have no idea how we will ever repay him for his kindness, patience and understanding. …..he has shown us a loyalty and love for our family that is like no other we have felt from any au pair before.”

– Bernosky family, Texas USA

Receiving Agency: Au Pair International, USA Sending Agency: Smaller Earth, UK


Melanie Manjarrez

Melanie is not only an extremely creative person who encouraged the host family´s children to engage in all kinds of creative projects, but also shares her own language and culture with the host family. At the same time she appreciates and embraces her new surrounding and culture and supports other au pairs helping them through homesickness. She raised money with her arts for Mexican earth quake victims and volunteered in several other local projects to leave an impact in her host country.

“Melanie is full of happy energy and projects a positive vibe, and she always shows appreciation for what we do, what we have, and our values. When she’s not “on duty” she often hangs out with us like a true family member.

Melanie is a true member of our family and we believe that she was meant to be here. We are grateful that she is spending a second year with us, and I hope she will continue to learn and grow and achieve her full potential while also having a great time here. We understand that Melanie may sound too good to be true and that’s only because she is.”

– Shimada-Cirnigliaro family, Massachusettes, USA

Receiving and Sending Agency

Cultural Care Au Pair