Au Pair of the Year Award


Alisson Bernarda Haro Zuniga from Ecuador – Au Pair in the USA – Winner of the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award 2022

As the global organisation designated to support businesses and people involved in the au pair industry, we proudly present our annual IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award.

Our Award provides au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and at the same time enhances the public’s awareness of this cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it.
Additionally the Au Pair of the Year Award is a great opportunity to showcase au pair organisations and promote the quality of their au pair programmes all over the world.

We call on our members to request their host families to nominate their extraordinary, exceptional au pair who deserves to win this Award!

The IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award is usually handed out at our annual Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference (WETM-IAC).
The next Au Pair of the Year Award will announced handed out in 2023 during WETM-IAC in Athens. This year we presented the award to our winner Alisson Bernarda Haro Zuniga at her host family’s home as traveling to Malta wasn’t possible. IAPA supported Alisson to be able to travel within the USA with a flight voucher. Watch our little film about  Alisson here.

We would also like to see the Au Pair of the Year as an ambassador for the au pair programme especially on 24 November 2022 when we celebrate International Au Pair Day for the 4th time in historyWe therefore expect some support from the winner for this special day on which we celebrate all au pairs.

Please read the following terms and conditions before registering your applicants:

Please note that we are currently revising the requirements and that the below stated information will change.

Well publish the new entry requirements in October 2022

All contest entries (inlcluding photos and videos) will become property of the International Au Pair Association, including rights to edit and publish the material. Please make sure your host families and au pairs are aware of this and agree by signing this Consent form.

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2021 Flynn Michael Legg,


Au Pair in New Zealand

2020 Wandi Zhu,


Au Pair in Germany

2019 Rozelle Botes,

South Africa

Au Pair in the USA

2018 Martin Toth,


Au Pair in the USA

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2016 Robert Isemer,


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2015 Lena Halberstadt


Au Pair in the USA