IAPA files a petition with the EU Parliament

IAPA files a petition with the EU Parliament

IAPA petitions the EU Parliament to establish a reciprocal youth mobility scheme with the UK

Despite many efforts by IAPA and – above all – BAPAA to convince the UK government to open the borders to EU au pairs again, we have not seen any change in this deadlock.
Our letters to the EU Commission, and our call alongside WYSE Travel Confederation to negotiate a Youth Mobility Visa with the UK, have only brought us friendly answers. We were assured of the EU´s intentions to establish free movement options for EU citizens during BREXIT negotiations. However, the UK objected to such arrangements being included in the final agreement.

However, we will not give up and will keep pushing for a solution. Therefore, IAPA has now filed a direct petition with the EU Parliament to “Request to commence EU/UK negotiations to establish a reciprocal youth mobility scheme to reinstate bilateral cultural exchange”.

As soon as the petition has undergone the preliminary checks and has been generally approved, it will be published online and open for everyone to support. We will then share the link with you. We hope you will help the cause by spreading the word among other agencies, host families and au pairs who can sign up on the EU Parliament´s page.

The petition is supported by the following National Au Pair Associations:

AEPA  Asociación Espanolas de Au Pair (Spain)

Au Pair Society (Germany)

BAPAA British Au Pair Agencies Association (UK)

ANIAP Associazione Nationale Italiana Alla Pari (Italy)

RAL Gütegemeinschaft Au Pair  (Germany) 

UFAAP (France)