Executive Board

The IAPA Executive Board is formed and elected by the members of our association.

Elections for the Executive Board take place during the IAPA Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place during our annual conference WETM-IAC.

  • Any Full Member of IAPA can be elected for the IAPA Executive Board.
  • Board members are elected for a period of three years, their board membership starts right after their election.
  • After their three year term, any board member can put themselves up for re-election.

Members of the IAPA Executive Board bring their knowledge, experience, passion and guidance to the association, and represent the global geographic diversification of IAPA members.

Please read all about the duties, responsibilities of Executive Board members and the different roles within the Board

Feel free to contact your board for questions, input and suggestions!

The current IAPA Executive Board consists of the following four board members:

Delphine Vaills
Delphine Vaills
Europair Services

Goran Rannefors
Cultural Care Au Pair
(EF Education)
United States
Linda James
Linda James

Au Pair in America
United Kingdom
Ellen Heesen-Hiemstra BW

Ellen Heesen-Hiemstra
House-o-Orange Au Pairs
The Netherlands


Our Managing Director Patricia Brunner represents the association and executes the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Association and implements the decisions of the Executive Board and the General Assembly.

She always has an open ear for all members

Please contact her at patricia.brunner@iapa.org